Hadrian’s Cycleway

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Hadrian's Cycleway

Ravenglass naar Tynemouth 174 mijl/280 km

We have a total of three holidays on Hadrian's Cycleway. They all cover the whole route, taking from 3 to 5 days, depending on how far you want to cycle each day, and how much time you want to look around.

Code Lengte Gemiddelde dagafstand Prijzen tussen
HC4 3 Dagen fietsen (4 Nachten) 58 mijl/93 km €404 - €489 Info Boek
HC5 4 Dagen fietsen (5 Nachten) 44 mijl/71 km €475 - €589 Info Boek
HC6 5 Dagen fietsen (6 Nachten) 35 mijl/56 km €555 - €697 Info Boek

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Very happy with the service, accommodations, recommendations by Mickledore.

Cotswold Way, september 2018
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We recommended you to some of the hikers we met at Butts House on the Coast to Coast. They had heard good things about Mickledore and we confirmed the good things they had heard.

Herriot Way, augustus 2018
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Everything worked out, bags transferred, accommodation very good.

Hadrian’s Wall Walk, augustus 2018
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