Jim Phelan, NSW, Australia

We had a great holiday, exceeded everyones expectations, scenery was fantastic and the changes during the day & over the various days. Everyone made it, only one knee injury on the third last day but he managed, bags always arrived, not one stuff up except they were later than normal on two days, weather was fairly good, had rain post lunch some days but we were fitted out, track was far better than we were lead to believe with bogs only an issue on two days . All the places we stayed at had Wi–fi & that made it easy to stay in contact with home & work if required, great breakfasts every day, lunches were similar to school days but allowed us to keep to plan. We loved the 5 course English dinner at Scafell Hotel and in particular the 20 pounds rate that you negotiated, the accommodation was overall very good, we got a great reception every time. The suggestion to have a rest day in Richmond was perfect as there was heaps to do. What surprised us was the prices four food drink etc – far cheaper than we pay in Australia – the standard program was drinks local ales at 6.00pm, dinner at 7.00pm, breakfast at 7.30am, gone at 8.30am. We became very British with Steak & ale Pies, Cumberland Sausage, fish & chips etc – we were doing plenty of miles so could enjoy these luxuries. We found Mickledore excellent, feedback & organisation was first class.